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A beautiful smile with white aligned teeth can work wonders for your personality. You feel confident at work and in social circles. Cosmetic dentistry offers a way to help you get that beautiful smile with polished white teeth. Know all about teeth polishing and why and how it can be of immense benefit to you and your oral health. Some people can confuse teeth cleaning with teeth polishing and consider the two to be one and the same. There is a fine line of difference and if you ask a professional dentist what dental polishing you are likely to receive a more precise answer. The simple answer is that it is a finishing procedure, usually applied after teeth cleaning and whitening procedures. Polishing is also used to remove surface stains and sometimes after dental surgery in order to remove bacteria. A standard procedure makes use of a small rubber cup and polishing paste in fine, medium, or coarse grades. An alternative is to use air and water jet along with a fine abrasive to polish teeth. The obvious benefit to getting teeth polished is that you have a bright smile. However, the benefits of polishing teeth go beyond just good looks. Periodic polishing of teeth ensures that there is no buildup of plaque and tartar. The enamel of your tooth is preserved. Plaque and tartar breed bacteria that can cause bad breath and even cardiovascular issues. There are fewer chances of dental caries and you retain use of your teeth throughout your life. Neglect can lead to infection of the tooth. Undergo teeth polishing twice a year and you need not worry about swollen gums, receding gums and tooth loss, or toothache.

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