Best Teeth Whitening Treatment

Well-trained and certified dentists are always preferred for professional teeth whitening to get the best results. The use of highly concentrated bleaching gels makes professional teeth whitening a better option over alternative methods. There are several popular in-office whiteners. Even though the process and results are the same, the visiting charges, treatment charges, etc., may vary from brand to brand depending upon the additional facilities and the professional performing the treatment. Plaque and debris are cleared by the dentist right before the teeth whitening procedure is followed. To ensure optimal tooth and gum health, a dental test is also performed before the process. To show you the treatment’s effectiveness, dentists digitally capture the oral conditions to make comparisons quickly. Treatment is initialized by exposing the teeth with the help of a cheek retractor. To ensure the protection of gum cells, a liquid rubber dam is used. Then, hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is applied and left ideal for 15 to 30 minutes. Post which, the gel is rinsed off, and again the same procedure is followed once or twice in regular intervals. A few whitening treatments use a high-intensity light to make the bleaching process much more effective. Instant changes can be found, but the treatment’s complete result can be found after a span of 48 -72 hrs. The dentist will let you know the preventions and precautions needed to be followed to get a long-lasting treatment effect. They will also prescribe you additional medicines to maintain your beautiful smile. visiting a NAVNEESH DENTAL CLINIC is going to be the best option.

  • Best Teeth Whitening Treatment in Munirka
  • Teeth Whitening Treatment in Munirka
  • Best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Munirka
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