Best Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is one of the dental procedures to repair a tooth without extracting it. This procedure includes removing the pulp (soft center part of a tooth) when a tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed. The pulp can become inflamed when there’s a deep cavity or injury to the tooth. In such cases, root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth and function normally. When you go for the root canal treatment, the inside part of a tooth is cleaned and disinfected to remove bacteria. Then the root is filled, followed by a crown to help restore the affected tooth. However, often people wonder about the possible alternatives to the root canal procedure. If you want to learn about alternative treatments for a root canal, you are at the right spot. A root canal treatment is highly recommended to fix a tooth without having to extract it. It is generally performed when the pulp of the tooth has become inflamed or infected. In fact, a root canal is advised to save the natural tooth and treat the dental issue quickly and effectively. Other dental procedures may be performed as an alternative to a root canal, including pulp capping, pulpotomy, and tooth extractions. Whether or not these dental procedures are appropriate for you all depends on the condition of your tooth. NAVNEESH DENTAL CLINICoffers a wide range of dental care treatments. From root canal to tooth extraction, we can provide the best possible dental care to improve your oral health. We provide personalized dental care for a beautiful and healthy smile.

  • Best Root Canal Treatment in Green Park
  • Root Canal Treatment in Green Park
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